Research #47

  • Hard-wired, non-IP enabled camera systems
  • Baofeng and SDR radios for home use
  • Mesh networks for offline/durable long-range comms
  • Var. on Monotone Silence (2024) on magnetic tape and Pataphysical Seances
  • Human Scale environments
  • Bonding Nylon
  • Climbing vine supports and training fanned fruit trees
  • Dark Forrest of the Internet
  • Motion Activated Trail Cameras

Research List #46

Things I’m researching, currently:

  • Growing Persimmon trees (apparently the Asian varieties are self-fertilizing?)
  • Watching (carefully and closely) the development of Shuttlecraft, a social media server for a single user that Ben Brown has been working on (and that is compatible with the ActivityPub standard)
  • Back to investigating Baofeng radios
  • Sourcing reasonable 10-32 Rack screws (we must be getting closer to the studio rack build)
  • Training and pruning fruit trees
  • Obsidian note software
  • Audio patch bays for studio rack tidiness
  • Back to thinking about building small “cine rig” camera setups
  • Audio streaming via Twitch (and the assorted rules)

Research List #45

It’s been a long, long time since I posted one of these, but I’m making something of a concerted effort to update things here more. Actual SitRep post incoming soon.

Things on the list I’m learning about:

  • SDR Antennas, Ham Radio Licenses, and Baofeng radios
  • SDI Video output and convertors
  • rack mount mixers (10 channels (5×2 stereo)?)
  • low profile non-IP enabled analog security camera systems
  • TamperProof seals for authentication and serializing of artwork
  • Growing Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) and Ginko (Ginkgo biloba)
  • Registration of multi-color silk screen prints
  • German square weave carpet, edging techniques, and how to seal carpet cuts
  • finger (god I love me some ancient protocols)
  • large-format (say, 20×28″) printing

Research List #44

Topics of interest.

  • Uni Posca Markers
  • better Cordura and Tyvex sourcing
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Modern hardtail mountain bike geometries (especially effective top tube lengths)
  • Home-made velcro patches with Cordura faces
  • “Reasonable” 60mm 31.8mm MTB Stems (that is to say, good quality but not status pieces)
  • Cleaning electrical contacts (pots, mostly)

Research List #43

Currently Researching:

  • Antennas for SDR setups (as my current setup is entirely too anemic)
  • Plugins for Minecraft PE servers (running on Raspberry Pi)
  • Pi-Hole for ad blocking (I’m going to end up with a stack of Raspberry Pi computers running, aren’t I?)
  • Raspberry Pi Rack mount solutions (this is totally a thing).
  • Multi-cam security camera setups with minimal wiring
  • vinyl plotters
  • digital calipers

Research List #42

I’ve not done one of these in a while, and I’m trying to write here more, too. So: currently researching:

  • EF-M 22mm Lens from Canon
  • Maranez Watches (and other micro brands, especially those using Seiko’s NH35 movement)
  • A desk mounted iPhone charging dock (that accommodates a case)
  • PowerPC “Modern” browsers (I don’t know if this is even a thing)
  • IKEA Spänst lights (usb powered light tubes)
  • Alternatives to iTunes on a Mac (I’m using TinyPlayer right now)
  • Compounding interest
  • Bookmarklet Javascripts to modify webpage CSS

Research List #41

Currently Researching:

  • DIY Motion Controlled camera sliders (with, ideally, pan and tilt, but that’s likely outside what should be the initial scope of the project)
  • Better rivets for clothing (closer to what’s used on jeans)
  • Modular Panel Mount connectors (for new desks)
  • NAS solutions (it’s hard to find decent non-Atom based units for reasonable money)
  • Alternatives to the GShock GA100
  • Backup generators (given the number of multi-day outages I’ve had in the last two years…)

Research List #40

On the oddball Research List

  • I’ve stumbled down an internet hole into vintage mechanical watch land, so… Seiko 6309-7040/9 (and, were I a wealthy man, Tudor M.N. and so on)
  • Motorola mdt-9100
  • Cubix PCI Expander chassis
  • DIY pipe VESA monitor mounts
  • Better local mass-storage for my computer workstation (I naturally lean towards rack mounted systems, but those are expensive)
  • Quick Release tripod plate systems
  • Alternatives to a Joby 5K Gorilla Pod



  • The new shoulder bag prototype is done. I’ve used it for about a week now, and while it’s answered some questions, it’s prompted others. I like having a good small shoulder bag again. I like the colors and textures I went with. I’m not sure I love how narrow it is. And I’m not in love with how the main access zipper moves when it’s converted into a backpack. But that’s what prototypes are for.
  • I’ve done a draft of a vest (waistcoat?) for myself. This is new territory for me. I’ve sewn lots of things from scratch. I’ve altered and repaired all sorts of clothing. But I’ve never made clothing from scratch. So: pattern first draft is made; I’m going to source some suitable material and sew a prototype of that. It’s one of those things I’ve wanted for a long time that I’ll never be able to convince myself to spend the sort of money required to buy a commercial version. So I’ll (eventually) make my own.
  • Finally figured out some organizational aspects of the studio space that should leave me with significantly more room to work in. I’m not sure it’ll ever be done (or stop evolving), but it’ll be a nice step forward.

Current Research:

  • Apple M01110 Keyboards
  • Apple HiFi conversions
  • GoogleVoice over a “real” cordless phone
  • Pallet blocks (machining style)
  • USB Embroidery Machines (and the apparently awful software that runs them)
  • Robust-ness of the PLEX live tv (and DVR) functionality

Research List #38

Things I’m Researching:

  • Correct flux/brazing rod combinations for brazing steel
  • Rackmount enclosures for Hackintoshes (plus multi i/o breakout boxes)
  • Mini (micro) amplifier stereo setups (Dayton DTA-120 et. al)
  • ACRNYM shoulder strap configurations
  • shoe rubber midsole suppliers
  • Magnetic door latches
  • Modifying a Circular saw into a Track saw
  • DIY Car Vinyl wrap application (and sourcing supplies)