Spring and all that.

  • It’s time to start working on building out the fencing for the backyard. That means renting a machine to drill big fenceposts into the corners, cementing those corners in, and then setting a ton of t-posts and stretching fence. Also building at least three gates. This is a lot of work.
  • We’re expanding the veggie portion of the garden with two new 4×8′ beds. Lots of new flower plantings elsewhere, too, as well as 20-odd planting bags for blue potatoes.
  • The new front-yard border is being wildly expanded. Lots of pollinator-friendly plants and color going in.
  • We got a new electric ride-on mower last year (to replace a very, very dead gas mower), and while it’s better in every single way, it’s… huge. The deck is 54″ wide, and that means it’s difficult to get into anywhere tight- like the orchard. I’m hoping when the yard fence is done, the orchard fencing can come out, and that’ll make it easier to keep things tidy in there.
  • God the studio/office needs an overhaul. Storage, books, gear, and a rack all really need to happen, and it’s high-time I got the circular saw out again.
  • I have, apparently, a new bike incoming. It was a bit of a surprise, and I’ve never owned one like it before- it’s a full suspension mtb. And while those have existed for a long time, I’ve never owned one. It’ll be interesting to see how it folds into my quiver of bikes.