Research List #29

Things I’ve been looking into (with new expanded explanations!)

  • Omnifocus for taks management
  • “The Manual” a design magazine
  • Makeshift magazine – Intended to foster creativity
  • French Cleat systems – for better flexible organizational systems of storage
  • GoRuck DIY Moral Patch Kit – for easier labeling of gear bags
  • Baron Fig “Confidant” – high quality journal (maybe for replacement Bullet Journal?)
  • Leuchtturm1917 – high end journal (sz medium dots) (maybe a replacement Bullet Journal?)
  • Kiridashi – seems to be a type of Japanese knife, but very little documentation
  • Gravity Pockets – gravity actuated pockets in jacket sleeves
  • TAD Denim – performance designed raw denim

Research List #28

Things I’ve been looking into:

  • William E. Fairbairn
  • Alternatives to Moleskine Extra Large Soft Cover notebooks (ideally, dot-grid)
  • Motion-picture film stock re-cut to 35mm still film
  • Usenet Killfiles
  • Konica AR lenses (wide angle & fast)
  • A better digital photo workflow
  • Sourcing HDPE (ideally in 1” thick slabs)
  • Bullet Journalling
  • Welding Classes (ideally, for TIG)
  • Alternative Replacements for CountyComm EOD bag (seems to be out of production)
  • Better automation of my primary Tumblr
  • Hosting for future (currently redirects here)

Research List #27

Things I’ve been looking into:

  • Sensor-only HDMI video cameras
  • IRC Education channels (there seem to be… none?)
  • Hobonichi Techno cover (Nock Co, maybe?)
  • Better sourcing of Plastic Storage containers (straight sided only)
  • LED driving lights
  • NOS Mil-Spec brass zippers
  • Better sourcing of zipper pull ends
  • Installing Chromium OS on older PC’s
  • Finding a reprint of “The Long Tomorrow”
  • Better automation/curation of my primary tumblr
  • 1/2 Gallon wide mouth Ball jars
  • Sourcing Kydex
  • DSLR car mounts (interior)

Research List #25

Things I’ve been researching:

  • Hand-darning denim
  • Hobonichi Techno 2015 (and sourcing a leather case for it)
  • Local Motors 3D printed car
  • LED Edison-style light bulbs
  • Low-Volume Full color vinyl stickers (ideally die cut)
  • Designing a Quilted selvedge denim/chambray chore coat (NF-J-3050 spec)
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Better straight sided storage boxes
  • French Cleat systems for wall hangings

Research #24

A 1984 quarter riveted to a toolbox
I thought this would look good as a badge riveted to my toolbox. And it does.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at for the last week:

  • 3D modeling to printing workflows based around iOS devices
  • Joseph Cornell boxes
  • Bandwidth requirements of 4k monitors (at 24 and 32 bit color depth)
  • Analog displays of digital data
  • Polar tours on Russian Nuclear Icebreaker ships (this is totally a thing)
  • Some interesting research looking at what raising MCAS scores does for other types of learning (answer: not much)
  • Old-school waterproofing via wax application
  • Watching Panasonic Lumix GH2 pricing


Research #23

Things I’ve been looking into this week:Pen Case

  • Reading Guy Kawasaki’s A.P.E. (forthcoming review on Goodreads)
  • Investigating tools to better manage social media flow across multiple platforms
  • 3d modeling to printing iPad workflows
  • Working with AVCHD video formats
  • Working on a new video project (TBA)
  • Working on a new business project (and the many, many internet presences such a thing must have…)
  • Finally got redirecting to this website (for the meantime)
  • Re-working my digital archive (both in workflow as well as storage itself)
  • Building a large multi-roll tape dispenser (for 3″ core tapes)
  • Finally organized my EDC pens

Research #22

Things I’ve been researching in the last week (or so):

  • Small HDMI/DVI monitors (ie 4″ or so)
  • Learning more about DNS/Domain mapping
  • Re-Learning Publishing on Demand services (CreateSpace, specifically)
  • Getting familiar with my Hobonichi Planner Book
  • Coding replacement TPMS to my car


Research #21

Things I’ve been researching this week:

  • The difference between CreateSpace and Lulu (mostly via integration with Amazon)
  • Types of small business organizations
  • Small bus-powered USB drives (at least 1TB of storage)
  • Alternatives to IKEA’s (apparently) discontinued Böder storage system
  • Ubuntu installations on PowerPC based Macs
  • Good value Ball-Head camera mount (ideally accepts a 3/8″ stud)


Research #20

Things I’ve been reading about in the last week:

  • A new(?) method for note taking (directed at students)
  • Minimalism in tools
  • Follow focus on small rigs
  • EVFs seem to cost too damn much
  • Wondering about applying Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans theory to small-scale publishing
  • Reading Kevin Kelly’s recent post about his new book.
  • Creating an iTunes Newsstand publication (this is an awful and complicated process. No. Thank. You.)
  • Creating an Amazon publishing account (trivial & straightforward)


Research #19

What I’ve been digging into this week:

  • An excellent rig for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • HotSpot apps for iPhone5 on Verizon
  • Medium Duty metal shelving with adjustable shelves
  • A good iPhone Case
  • Canon EOS-M alternative firmware
  • Compact camera rig configurations