Research List #3

The research list for the last week includes:

  • Padcaster iPad mini Kickstarter
  • Live-view from camera via EyeFi Card
  • Blackmagic Pocket camera specs and test footage
  • New iPad workflow: Drafts as a starting poing (with custom actions)
  • Cinema workflow for RAW video vs ProRes244
  • Home data center (via NAS or other options)
  • Microphone boom mount/shock mount
  • iBooks Author developments & setups
  • Fair-Use copyright law re: video in classrooms
  • Multi-charging options for iPads
  • Plotting price drop of 4k resolution screens (down $300 in the last month!)
  • Outdoor faucet plumbing replacement

Still pretty video heavy, but that’s where some of my focus needs to be, so…

Research List #2

A weekly dump of the things I’m researching:

  • Soylent (not the stuff from the book/movie, rather, the new project to make a meal replacement)
  • Warp and Weft
  • Practical Advantages/Disadvantages of “Full Sized” sensors vs MFT sensors for video work
  • Alternative Firmware for a Panasonic Lumix GH2 (there are a startling number of these)
  • Building LED based Soft Boxes (got an idea on an IKEA hack for this. Maybe)
  • Chromebook student workflows
  • Digital Light Meters
  • Workbench Micro-Mills