A mostly up-to-date list of what I’m up to, project wise:

  • I’m living and working just outside Boston, Massachusetts.
  • My days are occupied by my work as an Educational Technology Specialist designing and supporting graduate level online and blended programs.
  • My newsletter goes out not more than once a week (but sometimes once a month) and is full of tidbits useful for creative folks and educators.
  • I make analog zines from time to time (though it can take a while to amass the requisite material). My third is in the works now, and the first can be found here.
  • I’m deep in the midst of a renovation of my home studio space. Pictures/updates over here.
  • I’ve been developing a new shoulder bag for myself for several years now. I’m on prototype number five right now, and there’s (sadly) no end in sight. My current bags here, the history of my shoulder bags here.
  • I’ve been making videos of and about riding bikes over here. Riding bikes was my first escape, and I find them just as amusing and wonderful now.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.