What we know vs What we do

This has been brewing for a while. Ask anyone who works with me (as I’ve likely ranted at them recently), and I’m not the first person to have the thought. Still.

The difference between what we know and what we do troubles me. Examples?

1. We know that the formalized teaching of grammar doesn’t actually lead to better writing from students. We’ve known this (using science!) since the 60’s. We still teach formalized grammar to “improve writing.”

2. We know sitting is bad for us. We continue to fill classrooms with chairs (and demand students stay in them).

3. We know physically assaulting a child is not an effective method of discipline. We pass bills (in 20 states!) that allow it anyway.

And sadly, there are many more. So many more, I’m afraid, that I can’t even begin to enumerate them here. And for me, it was the realization of how different our schools would look if we took into account the things we know.