Holy smokes, I’m trying to do these again at a somewhat more meaningful pace.

  • I rented a huge machine, and with it I laid waste to the invasive Knotweed in the yard (only for now- it’ll bounce back), augered holes for fence posts, and I’ve got 2/3rds of the posts cemented in currently. Another 8 posts to go, and then it’s time to build three gates, stretch a couple hundred feet of fence, and pound in a scary number of t-posts. But then the back yard will be fenced, so that’s good.
  • Cold weather crops have been out for a few weeks, but they’re going slow. I dunno- some of my stuff always feels like it takes forever to get going outside. The purple BokChoy is looking good, but I dunno, man.
  • I’m trying to ride more, again. It’s been a pretty rough spring around here- family being sick and whatnot- and I’m on the back foot. Still: I got some rides in recently, and I’m looking to build on that.
  • Trying to get back into taking photos and video.
  • Getting a trail cam for the backyard. We’ve seen a Fisher Cat several times recently, and some neighbors down the street got pictures of a Black Bear. Fingers crossed we get something good!
  • Heading into what might be my busiest summer in a long time- between work, family trips, conferences, and home projects, there’s a lot to get done.
  • I’ve occasionally been putting on podcasts by, where they publish audio of baseball games commentary- so-and-so steps to the plate, high and outside for ball one type of thing. There’s a little crowd noise, and the vocal track is a little low-fi. But there are no commercials or volume spikes, so they’re really relaxing to have on in the background. And the kicker? The games are entirely made up. Fake teams, fake players, fake locations- all of it.