Research #12

Here’s what I’ve been researching this week:

  • Vernier probes and sensor systems for iPads
  • Internet of Things
  • Modification of C-Mount lenses
  • Smartphones used as a biometric sensor
  • Misfit Shine 3d printable mount for watch band
  • Book Creator iPad app
  • Re-soling Troentorp Bastad Clogs (is there really only one place that does this?)
  • Quick pickling
  • UV and ND filters

Research #11

What I’ve been researching this week:

  • Good pre-school iPad apps
  • Alternative pickling methods
  • Creating a custom trunk floor for my car
  • Emerging market boutique camera lenses
  • Japanese style iced coffee (also, Cory Doctorow’s no-mess method)
  • Home made seltzer rigs (thanks for the idea, Sarah & Jason)
  • Remote-camera options (security and whatnot)
  • Sourcing Century Stands & Grip Hardware


Research #10

What I’ve been reading about this week:

  • Anamorphic vs standard lenses
  • Davinci Resolve Lite LUT’s
  • WiFi enabled outlets and powerstrips
  • Cutting foam
  • Re-Upholstering Eames Lounge chairs
  • Manfrotto Autopole 2
  • Harris Tweed Plaids
  • Hunting Jackets sewing patters
  • Dog Schidt Optiks FF58 lens
  • Gustin Japanese Oxford in white


Research List #9

It’s been a busy last week around here, but here’s the (short) list of things I’ve researched:

  • Crop factor on Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (appears to be 2.88?)
  • Mazda 5
  • SquareSpace hosting
  • pickling watermelon rind
  • Aging quick-pickles (seems contradictory, but who knows?)
  • Looking for other educators on
  • Better color correction in FCPX
  • Davinci Resolve Lite
  • GoRuck Sandbag (20lb? 30lb?)
  • Filson Guide Work Tweed Jacket (sourcing this fabric?)


Research #8

Research list for the last week:

  • The military’s Project Stargate
  • Pepper’s Ghost effect
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (and Spielberg in general)
  • Low-Power Bluetooth
  • Using an iPad mini 4G as a phone
  • Good options for 5500K LED lights (or is 5000K close enough?)
  • Linux on a older G4 tower Mac
  • iCloud Beta of iWork (am I right it doesn’t do much yet?)
  • iSight compatibility
  • in-car Bearcat BCT8 mounting
  • Adjustable metal rail tie-down systems

Research #7

From the past week:

  • Nutriloaf vs. Soylent (the new project, not the stuff from the book/film)
  • Color correction via Davinci Resolve Lite
  • Sunny 16 rule
  • Ph testing Amniotic fluid
  • George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali
  • Cray supercomputer design
  • Sourcing Pilot G2 (green) refills
  • Sourcing SSI Schaefer CF Collapsable Containers
  • Sourcing good B&W 35mm film
  • Sourcing replacement batteries for Konica TC camera bodies
  • Sriracha sauce packets (for travel)
  • Bower 35mm f/1.4 Lens for Nikon


Research #6

Here’s what I’ve been reading about this week:

  • Metabones Speed Boosters
  • M42 mount lenses
  • HumanGear products
  • Used Lumix GH2 bodies
  • Konica AR mount to Nikon DX adaptors
  • Better online communal area for remote group learning


Research #5

Things I’ve researched in the last week:

  • Sourcing 5/8″ Grip pins with 1/4″ female threading
  • New IFTTT channels (specifically interested in activity tracking -> web tasks)
  • Better rainwater storage/management via Ram Water Pumps
  • Replacement vintage KLH Model 30 tweeter
  • Onion Pi (Raspberry Pi & TOR hotspot)
  • Analog or Digital video in via Thunderbolt interfaces (Black Magic Design)
  • Underwater-safe KinoFlo (DIY LED lit)
  • Better Twine functions


Research #4

The list for the week:

  • The Finnish practice of giving mothers-to-be a box of supplies
  • The GoPro Hero3 modifications that went into the Novo camera (desoldering the sensor and moving it? WHOA!)
  • PARCC testing sample questions for ELA grade 10
  •  New firmware update to the Supermechanical Twine
  • Looking for a better Sketchup to .stl plugin
  • The best deal on CREE LED lights (at 5500k)
  • Google’s “Auto Awesome” filter on G+
  • Ghee storage and use