I don’t want your revolutionary idea.

Revolutionary ideas are nearly useless in education. They won’t happen. Nobody is willing to dismantle the educational system entirely to rebuild it some other way. It’s too much work, with to many vested interests, with too little money available and too much money at stake. This idea of revolutionary change is like moving something heavy with one big, hard shove. Possible, but dangerous. Risky. Unlikely.

What we need to aim for are sustained small changes. Incremental moves that slowly and surely move us in the right direction. If you found my previous article about fruit in schools small and trite, put it in this context: I might actually get that change in place. I might also be able to get other small changes like that in place. The cumulative effect of these seemingly small changes can cause large and meaningful changes to a school or district. Think of this like moving that same heavy thing with small, measured, incremental shoves. Metered. Doable. Sustainable. Likely.