Misfit Shine Update

Here’s my update.

It’s gone. The crappy “sports band” that I was wearing it on doesn’t hold on worth a damn, and at some point during a Saturday morning grocery shopping run, my Shine popped out of my bracelet and is gone forever. And I’m angry.

What kind of “sports band” can’t hold onto the device while shopping? How is it supposed to hold on when I’m running or biking or doing anything more vigorous than putting a carton of OJ into a basket?

As much as I liked my Shine, the “loseability” of the device (combined with the price) means I can’t imagine buying another. If/when I get another activity tracker, it’ll be a bracelet for some sort- the new Nike Fuelband looks ok, and the new Jawbone UP is looking even better now. I’m running the Nike Move app on my iPhone 5S, and that’s working for now, but maybe post-holidays I’ll be picking up one of those two.

As far as Shine, it’s a shame to have to write off what could be a great device because of a terrible mount system.