This. Is. Big.

Here it is: My new project.

There is sometimes the assumption in the educational world (heck, in the world in general…) that free is good. That things should be free. There has become an expectation on the web that things should cost nothing. But that’s not true- because everything costs something. Google is lovely, but it isn’t free. Your data and the onslaught of ads pay for that service. Facebook is free, except that it sells every ounce of data it can take from you. Be it ads or data, we pay for everything we use. Sometimes it’s not clear how we’re paying- at that, I think, can be the most scary option.

I’m not going that route. I’m going to be transparent. I am charging an up-front fee, payed by the month. For this, I will provide a weekly(ish) newsletter full of the very best links and thoughts related to education. There will be no ads. There will be no solicitations. There will only be awesome.

Each newsletter will keep a theme- and I’ll pack as much into that as I can. But realize this: I’ve called this “Experimental Education” for a reason. Much of what I’m writing about isn’t triggered by education articles- I don’t think it’s the fertile ground for new ideas. So don’t be surprised to see things start off with an article about graffiti in the UK. Or the genetics of narcasistic personality disorder. Or something stranger.

I can only promise this: I will do my best to provide the most fertile ground of ideas I can.

Let’s do this thing.