Here’s what’s going on with my videos:

My new studio is mostly set up- some smaller bits coming (today?) and it’s totally good to go.

The camera isn’t running aftermarket firmware- yet. Looking into that more.

The first focus is going to be a large series of videos on Lord of the Flies. Between me and my partner, I’m envisioning something on the order of twenty (!) videos- so that will take time. Following that substantial effort, I want to do Canterbury Tales. But that’s a while from now.

For now, I’ve shot two rounds of test footage- one to confirm that my 2700K lights weren’t going to cut it, and the second (just this morning) to see if the 5000K replacements I purchased were substantially better (they are). I’d love to have some bulbs that are 5600K, but those are a) hard to find and b) spendy. So 5000K it is. The image looks a lot better now (and the sound is far better too…), but I still need my Optical White umbrellas to get the image looking closer to what I want. I’ve included a still (of a test subject) below. Note: that still is totally raw- no post/color correction or anything else. Looks even better with some work done.

Next I need to spend some time writing and planing the episodes, as there’s a LOT of material to cover- up to and including some pre-loading that needs to be addressed.

All that said, I’ve got some impending (good) family drama that will slow things down for a bit, but I’d expect to be putting the first few episodes out before the summer is over.

Stay tuned.

Test Shoot #2