Where have I been?

Everywhere, it seems. Here’s a brief SitRep:

1. The Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative is happening soon. This will be the third year we’ve run the event, and it’s always a productive time for those that attend. Please do consider coming.

2. I’ve put into place plans to shoot two new episodes of Tangential. I’m currently at work on the sets, and I’m hoping for those to be summer projects.

3. My partner and I are embarking on a book project for educators- subject is already determined, but form and structure are not. Hoping for late summer/early winter completion.

4. My current research list is as odd and diverse as ever. I’ll give you a sampler:

  • Cree LED bulbs as used in a soft box
  • 3D printed shift knob
  • Surgical Tissue Scissors
  • Micro 4/3 cameras
  • C-Mount camera lenses
  • Diawa Saltiga Boat Braid
  • 608 Bearing Specs

Until next time.