Sit Rep

It’s springtime- can you tell?

Me either.

Here’s what I’m up to:

1. I’m shifting gears with my Advanced Media Productions students from documentary work to dramatic. It’ll be a big change for some of them, but it’s time. I’m getting some really good work out of them, and I’ll be trying to continue to post some of it here as it comes in.

2.The Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative is happening again this year- I’m not able to be there this year, but there you go. This is about getting educators together to share and create new digital resources that benefit all of us. It’s free, and it’s a cause I believe in.

3. Just yesterday I had a chance to play way an expensive (14k!) bit of technology. While I’d not (ever) pay that sort of loot for what it was, I was pleasantly impressed with one aspet of it: the 70″ LCD panel. We’ve been looking at not buying projectors anymore, but the exact size of the LCD panel that’d be needed to work in a classroom has been a source of debate. Right now, we’re just waiting for pricing to change a teeny little bit more. I think it’s the way forward.

4. I’m working on some gear that should facilitate me doing some more podcasting in the near(er) future. It’s almost an official project for me- I’ve even got a spreadsheet and everything. Keep your eyes peeled.