New Tools

There are a lot of reasons that you should be buying a 3D printer for your school. It’s a tremendous learning device as well as a tool- and it can be used by nearly any department in a school. Here’s what we’ve done with ours:

1. Print a new filament tensioning mechanism for the printer itself.

2. What would have been an obscenely expensive shoulder-mounted DSLR camera rig.

3. Replacement Manfrotto 501 tripod plates.

4. Nikon lens cap holders for neck straps.

5. A stretchy bracelet.

6. Student designed pneumatic-actuated cylinders.

7. A model deer’s head (mounted via a magnet to my wall).

8. A 180 atom buckyball model.

9. Alternate tripod mounts for some webcams.

10. Tripod to cold shoe adapters.

11. A geared heart.

12. A Rodin “Thinker”

Upcoming prints will include spare camera mount parts, VESA mount spacers, a model cathedral, and some jewelry.
Get one and use it.