I’m pretty excited.

The school I work at, as a result of a grant I helped write, should have a 3D printer this year.

Ideally, it’ll be a Makerbot Industries Replicator, which will let us do all sorts of neat stuff. Printing brackets for stuff. Fixing things. Hacking things. I’ve got a GoPro that’s not going to mount itself, you know.

And strangely, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is teaching the students about the nature of open-source projects- the idea that giving back can be a rewarding process. In addition, I’m looking forward to teaching in more detail about the limitations of copyright and patent processes. I’m looking forward to showing that ideas are not original things- that we all stand on the shoulders of those before us. That everything we create is connected through our culture. And I think showing this with physical items is more tangible than some of the concepts and ideas we otherwise deal with.