Introversion and Education.

This is a topic that comes up in my classroom on a regular basis. I’m not sure she gets it all right, but I think this is a conversation that need to be happening in education. And while you might draw conclusions about me and what the role of education is in all this, let me offer a few bits of information:

1. I am, by nature, primarily an introvert. I fake extroversion pretty well, and I do honestly enjoy speaking to groups (even large ones…), it’s pretty exhausting for me.

2. I’ve long been a fan of what old jazz musicians used to call “woodshedding.” That’s the idea of going off- to the woodshed- and letting new and original and strange ideas come to you.

3. I think technology in education can offer introverts a way to find more peace in the normal hectic day than before- I think, in fact, that it can work powerfully in tandem with introversion.

All that said, here’s the video: