This is the second version of the studio (the first version was at another location entirely, and predates this project).

Studio before.

As it sits right now (in chaos), there are two basic sections to the area you can see: digital and analog. On the far left, I have a table that serves as my analog work station- it’s where I sew, type on a typewriter, repair kid toys, make zines, and all that business. It’s a bit of a mess (for lack of better storage), and not a continuous surface.

On the right is my hodgepodge computer desk. It’s standing height, and right now has four monitors, two keyboards, two mice, and a mixing board all competing for a small amount of space- it’s less than four feet wide. It also juts out from the wall quite a ways (it’s free-standing), and lacks any sort of unified rack storage for gear.

It’s worth noting that most of the storage for the studio is out of sight around the corner to the left- that’s where the current small parts storage racks, file cabinets, records and cameras all live. Most of that will stay, but the small parts racks are doubling and will likely move closer to the analog station.