Fine Tuning.

I’ve been tinkering again.

I bought for the next five years or so, and I’ve directed traffic there to this page. Someday I’ll likely split it off as a separate entity, but in the meantime I didn’t want the URL to be bought be somebody else. I picked up one or two other domains while I was at it, but that’s for some other projects.

I’m going to be doing some messing with DNS settings soon for here, since I’ve not been thrilled with the way the internal links on this site have been looking- though, I need to mention, that’s my fault. I’m a very big fan of my hosting/DNS service.

I just helped getting moved from a custom installation and hosting to a SquareSpace site. So. Much. Better. Especially for what we’re doing with it. It’s slightly more costly to host, but it’s still a very good deal for the service they provide. The site still needs a bunch of graphics work, but that’s all in the works anyway.


Vitamin C is a joke.

So it’s the winter, and I’m perpetually on the verge of getting some illness or another. There’s always a snivel or a throat thing or a ache or whatever. The single thing I’m told to do most by the folks around me is to take Vitamin C in order to not get a cold.

And they’re wrong.

Don’t believe me? Try here. Or here. Or here.

It’s not that Vitamin C isn’t good for you, or that it doesn’t have positive effects- it’s that people’s perception of what those effects are is divorced from reality. Information gets filtered and handed off and “summarized” and thus distorted. The difficult part there is that people have faith in their sources, and thus don’t think of the second/third/fourth hand information as distorted, and we end up thinking that Vitamin C somehow cures the common cold. The details disappear, and it is those same details that hold the truths that we were looking for.


Gear #2

I’m moving back to paper for my 2014-15 year calendar.

photo (1)


I still like the digital version for some things, buy for some long-standing reason, I have a preference for paper. To that end, I managed to get my hands on a (shipped in from Japan!). There are a couple of reasons I like it-
The size- it’s not as large as some of the Moleskine alternatives
The layout- one page per day (also, grid, and well thought out time stamps, and so on…)
The design- rounded corners! lots of pages!
Cache- you ain’t got one like this!


Research #22

Things I’ve been researching in the last week (or so):

  • Small HDMI/DVI monitors (ie 4″ or so)
  • Learning more about DNS/Domain mapping
  • Re-Learning Publishing on Demand services (CreateSpace, specifically)
  • Getting familiar with my Hobonichi Planner Book
  • Coding replacement TPMS to my car


Just for perspective.

This number isn’t exactly hard-and-fast, as the start of these things is always hazy. But.

Email is 36 years old.

Think about that for moment. I’ll wait.

This is not new technology. This isn’t even close to new.

There is no excuse, 36 years in, for not being at least familiar with this tech.

BTW: email is 41 years old if you count from the first use of the “@” symbol in an address.




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