Sit Rep

Some things I’ve been making progress on:

  • v1 of the EDC bag project is done (into sketching for v2)
  • nothingfuture-logo “monster” stickers v1 arrived!
  • v2 of the NF camera straps are in testing
  • new nothingfuture website well in progress
  • Got my Luxi lightmeter in (from Kickstarter)
  • I’ve been having great luck with BulletJournaling- two months in now
  • Slowly learning color correction in Resolve
  • Evaluating my current workflow (re: still photos)


Things I’ve been doing:

  • editing some video for work (I took it as a chance to work on my color correction…)
  • building some prototype gear for a new potential project (details to come, soon!)
  • re-furbishing an old analog camera (reworking the light seals, as they were leaking…)
  • starting the design phase of building a roof rack for my car
  • designing a pattern for a new coat (anything resembling a finished project is a long way away here)
  • re-engaging with twitter (as an educator)
  • looking into a Cinema-DNG -> FCPX workflow (for future work projects, apparently)

Research List #32

Things I’ve been looking into:

  • Paetron
  • Better sourcing for Really Useful Boxes
  • Durability of 10oz Duck cloths vs. 300d Codura
  • Kong’s survival pack from Dr. Strangelove
  • Jax Blackener
  • AluBoxes
  • Longitudinal palm
  • MOLLE sunglass case
  • Strikingly web hosting (for future project)
  • Better source for plastic/metal harness hardware
  • Konica Rangefinder cameras

Research List #31

Things I’ve been looking into:

    • No-No (a documentary about Dock Ellis)
    • Our Magic (a documentary about… magic)
    • Mamiya Press Camera
    • 3.5mm 4 pole extension cable
    • Bonding Cuben Fiber
    • Diamond-pattern ripstop lightweight Codura
    • Feasibility of iPad Air2 as my only computer
    • 205/60/16 winter tires
    • Konica Hexanon glass
    • How to mold Kydex
    • Finding a satisfactory camera strap
    • MOLLE construction specifications