Required Viewing (get off your butt and make something)

Alright. This video was shot with a point and shoot. A $600 all-in-one consumer grade camera. A further example of how constraining your tools leads to creativity for solving problems.

So. There’s no excuses. There’s no more waiting. Pick up whatever’s in your hands and make the thing already. You don’t need anything else. You don’t need better.

Savage vs. Chang

This is Adam Savage talking with David Chang. They’re talking (mostly) about food, but the parallels to education and learning are profound- Chang (and Savage, for that matter) is obsessed with learning. And it’s clear that while he’s not an educator, he has spent an enormous amount of time thinking about how to learn more. I’d argue, in fact, that Chang not being a educator (in this case) makes his views all the more important.

Anyway. Required Viewing.


Unrelated but related.

So I was watching this video the other day, and it’s about racing rally cars. That’s not a topic I’m likely to ever delve into here, but what caught my ear was a bit of conversation part way through about drivers investing in knowledge and mastery to succeed. The parallels to teaching are plain. You’ll want to skip to 33:33 for the most relevant portion.