So I’ve now tried Google Glass, and thought I’d share.

It’s not a joke, and it’s not going away. It’s entirely too useful and easy for that. It’s comfortable. It’s reasonably reliable. It’s in some BakN4jXIQAAjThiways WAY slicker than a Beta has any right to be. I want one. I want one more now than I did before, and that’s saying something. The interface to manage the device- a web page currently- is clunky. You have to add contacts one by one from your G+ account. The best way to think of this, I feel, is to compare it to the original iPhone: expensive, without apps, and slightly before it’s time. Still, once I added the WorldLens app and Glass was translating what I was looking at from Spanish to English in real time, it was clear: This is the way forward.

Time to start saving pennies.