New bag v2.0 complete. 500d Codura outer, lined in 420d nylon. #8 waterproof zipper; unpadded straps. _850 in^2 (_14l). #diy #backpack #edc #edcgear #crafted

This is my second backpack, but the first was a prototype for this build. 500d Cordura outside, 400d nylon lining. Quilted padded bottom and a sculpted padded back panel. Unpadded straps. Super light.


Bag Inside

The notebook pocket is sized to hold 2 Field Notes standard pocket notebooks (or, really, anything else sized 3.5″ x 5.5″), with room for pens and whatnot, and below some pockets to hold other small bits (first aid, vitamins, etc).

Waist Pack:


Designed as a waist pack to carry a camera (and gear) while cycling, it also does a lovely job as a sling bag toting lunch to work. 500d Cordura outer, 400d nylon lining, and a mesh/sculpted padding back panel (for breathing and airflow). A prototype. It needs some improvements to the compression system and internal organization.

Musette Bag:

Mussette Bag

My shoulder bags have gone through a great many iterations. Currently, I’m using a musette bag I built as an ultralight commuting bag. Same materials as above, with a super-simple detachable shoulder strap. The whole thing weighs a couple of ounces, and holds barely enough for a light carry to work.